5 things to prepare for a video/skype interview

More and more interviews are now being done on video or skype or some similar channel to keep costs down and to quicken the recruitment process.  In the MX News of Monday 27th May, Lachlan Hastings wrote ‘Scrub up for a job interview on Skype’ when talking about the trend of global recruitment. He talked about some examples of things that have happened in real video interviews like having a cat jump on the candidate’s lap, and an unmade bed and gym gear in the background of their interview.  It got me thinking about experiences that I have had with interviewing candidates both in Australia and overseas and I thought I would share my quick 5 tips about what to do and what not to do if you are interviewee if you are ever using a form of Skype:


  1. Find a quiet spot and make sure that everyone around you knows you need a certain amount of time with no interruptions.
  2. If you are in a room, put a note on the door asking no-one to knock for enter for a certain period of time as the room is in use.
  3. Prepare appropriately in your research of the company and the role just like you would for a face to
  4. face interview. This may be your only time to impress.
  5. Make sure that you have the right time for the interview confirmed – particularly with global or interstate interviews (when day light saving can throw you).


  1. If at home, have your mum or other loved one come in with a nice cup of coffee
  2. Have your children come in and see ‘mum’ or ‘dad’
  3. Have your other half waiting outside the room with a crying baby or barking dog
  4. Eat something beforehand that has your stomach making unwelcome noises. Just because you are on a small screen you and your surroundings are not invisible or sound proof.
  5. Have your desk overwhelmed with paper work. You need to listen and focus on what’s being asked not the answers that you think you have in front of you!

surprised_look_198242Thanks to Ryan McKergow for his suggestion of No. 6 –

If you’re using Skype, also turn off the replay of yourself so you look at who you’re talking to.  Not looking at how you look on camera.

And Yes, please use your common manners if all or any of the above DON’Ts happen – apologise, ask for a minute if you need it to quickly dash outside to explain that you need to not be disturbed.

It’s not someone else’s responsibility – it’s yours!


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